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September 2013 – Document Templates – Insert Landord and Management Agent Details

Document Templates – Insert Landord and Management Agent Details

It is now possible to insert details of the associated landlord or the managing agent into document templates. For example, the following snippet shows part of a template which inserts the landlord name and address into a document that’s generated for a tenancy:

Landlord Name: #{tenancy.propertyUnit.managementInformation.owningOrganization.companyName}
Landlord Address: #{tenancy.propertyUnit.managementInformation.owningOrganization.address.summaryLine}

This can be used, for example, to insert landlord details into tenancy agreements. See the help system for full details of all available properties that can be added to document templates.

Improved Detailed Transaction Report

The transaction detail report has been extended to include additional fields that were recently added and to better compress the display so more of the information can be viewed on the screen or on printable pages.

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