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October 2020 – Tax Worksheet updated with 2020 changes

Dear customers – hope you are all keeping well!

This update describes some recent improvements we have made to as part of the ongoing efforts to make it easier for you to manage your property portfolios.

Hope you find the updates useful. As usual you can always contact us if you have any questions.

Tax Worksheet updated with 2020 changes

The Tax Worksheet has been updated to reflect the HMRC Property Income form for the tax year ending April 2020 – mainly with changes to allowances and their impact on the detailed workings.

New report: Occupancy Report

The Occupancy Report has been in the works for a while with a select few early adopter customers. It lets you easily see the state of active tenancies and allows you to record management notes and track them over time, as shown in the following screenshot:

Occupancy Report

By default the report shows the state of your tenancies for the current date, but it also allows you to select a date in the past so you can see where things stood at that point in time.

The Management Notes column on the right hand side allows you to annotate each row with any comments you may have about the tenancy or property unit.

New report: Financial Summary by Property Unit

This is a new report which shows a summary of income and expenditure for a specified set of property units, date criteria and charge types. See the following screenshot:

New Report: Financial Summary By Property Unit

Additional Improvements

  • The Management Item Report now supports the ability to export to Excel.
  • The Properties page has been enhanced to make it easier to use:
    • You can now use the search boxes at the top of the table to easily search by properties or landlords.
    • The page now remembers its state when you return to it.
  • Tenancy balances now support 6-month rent frequencies
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